Volunteer Strategy Meeting 2014-09-17

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17th September 2014


Carol Campbell
Jon Davies
Fabian Tompsett



Volunteering Strategy Conference

  • One day event, twice a year
  • First one in late November 2014, second in March 2015
  • Present ambassadors and badge proposals (see below) at these, produce postcard
  • Invite other suggestions form volunteer base
  • Report back on volunteer survey (see below)

Local Ambassadors

  • Run in parallel to Campus Ambassadors
  • Develop role for local volunteers and give them support
  • Can be part of an overall community building approach

Action Point: FT consult with community to develop the concept with some data about Meetups and accredited trainers geographical distribution


Both physical and digital open badges Martin Poulter advocate for this Action Point: FT to contact Martin on this

Volunteering Survey

  • Draft reviewed and amendments suggested
  • Needs something to tell people how long it is likely to take them

Volunteer Joblist

  • List of jobs for volunteers to do: Some online others in person

Action Point: FT to put on Wiki: see Volunteer jobs


  • T-shirts (I edit WIkipedia), mugs, postcards
  • A portfolio of postcards could be developed by adding postcards as events happen

Action Point: FT to work out costing

Joint work with other charities

Wikimedia activity can be a means to achieving other charitable goals, using Wikimedia projects as the medium, i.e. human rights issues being added to pages about various countries. Then we are not diverting people from other charitable activity, but enhancing that activity Could develop this in relationship to other charities in this building

Needs more thought . . .