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WikiConference 2013 will be held in Lincoln. This page is for use in planning the event.

Planning meeting[edit | edit source]

At the minute a conference call is being arranged for 3 December 2012 to discuss the to-do list

Todo list[edit | edit source]

In general:

  • The Board would like to keep the final approval on the major aspects of this conference, so any decisions made by the Conference Committee should be put for approval to the Board before proceeding.
  • We are working on the assumption that the budget for this event is equal to the 2012 one, which was £5,000. Budget.

  • Accommodation - organised by Tom Morton.
  • Speakers - some work done by Tom Morton - here.
Deadlines Item What By whom Notes Progress
12 month Minutes Type up and distribute for correction RS Yes check.svg Done
Minutes from 2012 AGM and 2013 EGM Distribute to trustees and file electronically RS, Secretary X mark.svg Not done - Urgent
8 months (November) Venue Ask for proposals for venue ConfComm Yes check.svg Done
Date Make proposal for date
Article 3 – states must be within 15 months
Trustees Yes check.svg Done
January-March Agenda Speakers for AGM and the whole outline of the agenda.
Work out the plan for the Sunday 9th June event.
ConfCom, submit for Board for approval programme Symbol wait.svg Doing... - draft exists, 12 May deadline for talk submissions.
6 months Venue/Date Approve Trustees Yes check.svg Done
January-March New trustees Discussion of skills needed by trustees, identification of suitable candidates and approaches to them who of existing trustees due to stand down Trustees & CE Yes check.svg Done
6 months M and A Amendments of M and A need to be discussed Trustees & CE being subsumed under the governance review will be done on 11 May
Venue/Date Book venue DC Yes check.svg Done - details being discussed
February & March Publicity All members to get warning Stevie Benton, Katherine Bavage. ConfComm contribution if wanted On Wikis, Facebook, Twitter and newsletters.
A first notice went out on Twitter, Facebook, blog on 25/11/2012.
Yes check.svg Done - initial promo done
February Registration page set up to accompany publicity DC Yes check.svg Done
Agenda - possible workshops Agree the workshops and arrange speakers etc. ConfCom, submit for Board for approval Symbol wait.svg Doing...
February Organisers' meeting Update meeting to organise details ConfComm, DC Yes check.svg Done - on email list
February Annual report Start its preparation Stevie Benton Yes check.svg Done
March Annual report Get quotes Stevie Benton Yes check.svg Done
End of March Annual report Text written SB, trustees, volunteers and staff Please see here Symbol wait.svg Doing...
Beginning of April Annual report Text to designer Stevie Benton Symbol wait.svg Doing...
April Annual report - Text written First proof received Stevie Benton Yes check.svg Done
May Annual report - Text written Final sign off and send to printers Stevie Benton
April or earlier Catering Details agreed ConfComm/DC Yes check.svg Done
April Organisers' meeting ConfComm, DC Discussion via email list Symbol wait.svg Doing...
Agenda Prepare draft agenda(s) and circulate to all members ConfComm, DC
Reminders Put reminders on lists. Wikis and email lists. Office Yes check.svg Done
April/May Recce Venue checked and final requirements noted
Welcome desk
Electricity for laptops etc
Which rooms for what?
Find volunteers for the day
Staff available for day
ConfComm, DC Symbol wait.svg Doing...
3 May AGM - First Formal Notice E-news sent out including the time, place, nature of business and their right to vote and indicating that this is the Annual General Meeting
Notices appear on Website
Call for nominations to vacancies and motions
Tellers & Secretary Yes check.svg Done
16 May 23:59 AGM - Written resolutions and nominations for Board Must be received at office for distribution
17 May Agenda Last day changes can be made to the AGM agenda
By 17 May Agenda etc. Finalise agenda and circulate to trustees and office
Prepare any physical voting papers.
Chair, Secretary, Office
17 May AGM - Final notice Proxy voting papers + resolutions + candidate statements + proxy instructions sent out to members by email. Tellers & Secretary
31 May Register Print register of members
Print badges for attendees
Print name signs for top table
Box up everything that needs to go
Delegate roles to for the day
Make sure laptops up and running.
Print agenda, event info and feedback sheet for the attendee delegate packs.
1 June Annual report ready Published in all formats and uploaded to relevant authorities Office
June Transport Arrange transport for equipment etc. Office - KC
7 June 23:59 AGM - Deadline for return of proxy ballots To Tellers
8 June AGM - Count Postal/Electronic Ballots Count Postal/Electronic Ballots Richard and James Farrar
8 June AGM - Quorum The greater of 10 or 10% of membership in person or by proxy. (Approx 25 estimate)
8 June Petty cash Make arrangements for change etc DC
June Gifts Buy flowers / chocs for speakers DC
Minutes from the 2013 AGM Signed Chair/Secretary

Note: dates in italics are not definitive

Volunteers[edit | edit source]

Who can help with the planning?