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Britain Loves Wikipedia
Photography contest from Wikimedia UK and museums across the country
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Britain Loves Wikipedia

Britain Loves Wikipedia

Britain Loves Wikipedia is a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest running in museums and cultural institutions across the UK through February. The aim is to increase the number of pictures available to illustrate Wikipedia articles, and to inspire new articles.

The event ran for the whole month of February 2010. The deadline for submitting your photographs passed on midnight UTC at the end of 14 March 2010!

Britain Loves Wikipedia has been organized by Wikimedia UK, in collaboration with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, Collections Trust, Culture 24 and Museums Galleries Scotland.

Museums and Archives

How to participate

The first step is to visit a participating museum at any time throughout February, or go to one of the special events (see below) with your camera. Let the museum reception know that you are participating in this event, then start photographing eligible items! You should not photograph objects covered by copyright or moral restrictions, and some museums may place extra restrictions on where you can take photographs; see the museum descriptions for more information. A leaflet covering these restrictions may be available from the museum.

Can you find objects that fit in with these themes?

Communication, Love

Conflict, Transport

Daily life, Freedom

You should always take two photos - one of the object, and one of the object's label. To enter your photographs into the competition, click the Upload here link below!

Upload here

Want to get the best photographs possible? Wikiversity has advice for how to take good photographs in museums.

Upcoming events

There are no more upcoming events.

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