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Agenda for Board meeting on 19-20 November 2011, to be held in person in London

Meeting location: British Library, Meeting room is in the main building (Conservation Centre). Large room with built in projector and PC. Working lunches are being arranged for Saturday and Sunday.

The major talks will be web streamed. Details will appear below.

Meeting theme: Membership

Fri 18 November, Eve


  • Roger Bamkin [RB]
  • Mike Peel [MWP]
  • Martin Poulter [MLP]
  • Fæ [Fæ]
  • Jon Davies (Staff) [JD]
  • Sue Gardner [SG]
  • James Owen [JO]
  • Matthew Cock (British Museum))
  • Richard Power (British Library)
  • John Byrne (hero)
  • Maryana (WMF)
  • Geoff Bingham (WMF)

Evening: Private dinner with SG at 7.30pm; informal discussion.

Sat 19 November

Ignore doors to the right and enter here and go to the reception


  • Board: Roger Bamkin (Chair) [RB], Mike Peel (Minutes) [MWP], Andrew Turvey [AT], Martin Poulter [MLP], Fæ [Fæ], Steve Virgin [SV], Chris Keating [CK]
  • Staff: Jon Davies (Chief Exec) [JD], Richard Symonds (Office Mgr, Minutes) [RS]
  • WMF: Sue Gardner [SG], James Owen [JO], Maryana Pinchuk [MP]
  • Also attending: Terence Eden [TE], Andy Mabbett [AM], John Byrne [JB], Joseph Seddon [JS]


  • Coffee: 10:00
  • Morning session: 10:30-13:00
  • Lunch: 13:00-13:30 (lunch provided)
  • Afternoon session: 13:30-17:00 (Room closes)


  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
1045 - 1200
  • B1 Fundraiser Update/Toolserver/Grants/Charity:
    • B1.1 CK - Income (amount & split) compared to 2012 Activity Plan
    • B1.2 CK - Promotion
    • B1.3 JD - Technical requirements incl. Gift Aid & Direct Debits
    • B1.4 AT - Grant request from WMF
    • B1.5 MWP - Support for the Toolserver
    • B1.6 CK - Participation in the international Grants:Participation Grants programme
    • B1.7 SV/JB - Charity application
1200 - 1300
1330 - 1500
  • B3 Communications Plan
    • B3.1 Fæ - Operational process and authority for press releases
    • B3.2 RB - Communications and the Media: Messages and SWOT
1530 - 1600
  • B4 Trustee Roles [2]
    • B4.1 AT - Trustee recruitment
    • B4.2 AT - Trustee skills
    • B4.3 AT - Trustee expectations
1600 - 1700
  • B5 Financial controls
    • B5.1 MWP - Approval of the Expense policy
    • B5.2 JD - Financial protocols and regulations
    • B5.2.1 Fæ - Staff pensions and pay


We shall be attempting to live-stream Saturday's discussions (excepting in-camera items, obviously). This is seen as an experiment, and so no guarantees of quality or availability can be made. Watch here or the @WikimediaUK Twitter account for the URL(s). Constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Videos are at:


Evening: meal at Indian Restaurant, and informal discussion. All invited. Can you add names below

  • TE, JD, RB, MP, Fæ, Andy M, MLP, ART, RS
  1. Can you please see the discussion page
  2. Please see talk page

Sun 20 November, AM


  • Roger Bamkin (Chair) [RB]
  • Mike Peel (Minutes) [MWP]
  • Andrew Turvey [AT]
  • Martin Poulter [MLP]
  • Fæ [Fæ]
  • Steve Virgin [SV]
  • Chris Keating [CK]
  • Jon Davies (Staff) [JD]
  • Richard Symonds (Minutes; Staff) [RS]

Timings: NOTE: The library opens at 11 - arrangements have been made for us to to meet earlier here at our new office

  • 09:30-13:00
  • 13:00-15:00 [ran late] trustee workshop on governance (next section)


  • C: Continuation of minutes and reports
  1. MP - Review email decisions
    1. Decision to generalise the Comms staff budget to 'Comms' in general, and to delegate it to MP (5 November)
    2. Decision to use BaydonHill to process international payments (6 November)
    3. Decision to delegate the £2k budgeted for office equipment (currently under individual staff budgets) to Jon (11 November)
    4. Decision to sign up with JustGiving and JustTextGiving (14 November)
  2. Actions and reports (5 minutes each; items needing longer discussion to be raised under Matters Arising)
  3. Matters Arising
  4. JD - Present final draft of Plan B
  5. JD - Update on recruitment
  • D: Discussion
  1. RB - should we introduce 'deputies' for the named positions (particularly a Vice-Chair?) - (5 mins)
  2. Review action lines from previous day
  3. MWP - Demonstration of the procedure for filing expense claims (with a place to "park" issues)
  4. AT - Scaling up the expenses system - main points (10 mins)
  • E: AOB
  1. MP - Changing the Registered Address to point to the WMUK office
  2. MP/RB - Date of next meeting, and date for an in-person Board meeting in April

Sun 20 November, PM,


  • Mike Peel [MWP]
  • Fæ [Fæ]
  • Andrew Turvey [AT]
  • Martin Poulter [MLP]
  • Roger Bamkin (RB)
  • Chris Keating (CK)
  • Steve Virgin [SK]
  • Peter Williams [PW] facilitator


  • 13:30-15:30
  • Guest- Governance - JD/Fae have arranged an external facilitator