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Agenda for Board meeting on 1 March 2011, 7:30-10:30pm

  • A: Minutes and Reports
A1: AT - Apologies for absence (7:30)
A2: MP - Approval of Minutes 5Feb11 (7:35)
A3: MP - Review email decisions (7:39)
  • Modification of 2011 Budget to correct calculation error (7 Feb)
  • Resignation of Seddon from the Board, plus vote of thanks to Seddon from the Board (23 Feb)
  • Approval of new members, as per in camera minutes (25 Feb)
  • Approval of Initiatives/WP:CONTRIB Student Outreach with budget of £1,400 from opportunities fund; TD responsible for approving budget expenditure. (27 Feb)
  • Appoint Chris Keating as internal communications consultant (25 Feb)
  • Approval of procedure for granting access to WMUK internal: "anyone with the support of any two board members should be given an account. Board members should support if they are feel that a) the person can be trusted with the low-level confidential things that are on that wiki and that b) they are engaged in activities that will be significantly benefited by them having access." (28 Feb)
  • Approval of Fundraising Report (1 Mar)
A4: Actions and reports (7:40)
A41. (7:40) AT - Chair (Andrew Turvey) (including Office Manager) (7:40)
A42. (7:55) MP - Secretary (Mike Peel) (7:55)
A43. (8:10) TD - Treasurer (Thomas Dalton) (including Membership approvals) (8:05)
A431 Review of upcoming fundraising-related deadlines
A432 Modification of 2011 Budget to include misc. admin costs (inc. telephone calls, postage, domain names), at 0.5k (MP/TD), and retroactive approval of wikimedia.*.uk domain name renewals
A433 Reallocation of JS's budget items
A434 Travel expense policy (MP)
A44. SV - Steve (8:15)
A45. JS - Redistribution of Seddon's outstanding actions

BREAK 8:40-8:50

  • B: Decisions needed
B1 (8:50) SV - Annual Conference 2011 and AGM
B12 (8:50) AT - Notices
B13 (8:55) AT - Motions
B131 AT - 2 year terms
B132 AT - Expert board seats
B13 (9:10) SV - Sourcing speakers
B2 (9:30) AT - Hiring
B21 AT - Recruitment approach & timetable
B22 AT - Job Descriptions
B224 "Office Manager"
B222 "Events Manager"
B223 "Developer"
B221 "Chapter Manager"
B221 "Press person"