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For the list of current Wikimedia UK Board members, please see Board

The initial board members, responsible for setting up the company and then turning it into a charity, met the 50% support requirements in the elections held in September 2008. If by May 2009 (6 months after becoming a company) they have still not held an AGM at which all of the board stood down, or if they have not processed more than 95% of the membership applications received more than one month before the AGM, by the time it happens, then they will ask the WMF to withdraw any trademark license and official UK chapter status they have given us. Voting pages were at Wikimedia UK v2.0/Vote and Wikimedia UK v2.0/Candidate FAQs and the results are at Initial Board election results.

Minutes of board meetings are at Meetings.

Current board members[edit | edit source]

Kwan Ting Chan - Chair[edit | edit source]

Kwan Ting Chan (KTC)...

Michael Conn - Communication Officer[edit | edit source]

Michael Conn (Warofdreams)...

Tom Holden - Treasurer[edit | edit source]

Tom Holden (Cfp)...

Michael Peel - Membership Secretary[edit | edit source]

A graduate and currently doctorate student of the University of Manchester, Mike first edited the English Wikipedia in March 2005 and the Wikimedia Commons since July 2006. Like a lot of new editors, he started editing because he got irritated by a few grammar errors he saw. Since that time, Mike has made over 14,000 edits on the English Wikipedia, and uploaded over 350 photos onto the Wikimedia Commons. He has been an admin on the English Wikipedia since July 2007. Outside of Wikimedia, Mike is an astrophysicist with knowledge of programming, web design and photography.

Andrew Turvey - Secretary[edit | edit source]

Andrew Turvey (AndrewRT)...