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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 15 December 2009.

Wikimedia UK Board meeting Tuesday 1st November 2009, 8:30pm BST on Skype

Present: Mike Peel (MP) (Chair); Andrew Turvey (AT) (minutes); Tom Holden (TH); Steve Virgin (SV); Tom Dalton (TD)

Apologies: Joseph Seddon (JS); Paul Williams (PW); Zeyi He (ZH) (late arrival)

Comment Note: Please mark your actions with one of the following:

* {{done}} if you have completed what was agreed
* {{doing}} if you have started doing what was agreed but haven't finished
* {{cf}} if you have not yet done what was agreed but will do in the future
* {{canc}} if you have not done what was agreed and will not now do it

In addition please mark {{discuss}} if the board needs to discuss the action and add it to the agenda of the next meeting.

Meeting location[edit | edit source]

It was discussed whether we should continue using Skype or return to using IRC. For this meeting, it was agreed to do on Skype with messages sent round on IRC. It was agreed to consider GoogleWave at the next meeting.

Minutes[edit | edit source]

November 17[edit | edit source]

SV asked that we delay approval of the minutes of the meeting of 17 November until the next meeting to give him a chance to read in more detail. The following actions were discussed:

TH had asked for Google Analytics to be installed as this was an easy way to track the movement of visitors to the site, which AT has passed onto MP. However, MP said he was not happy installing an application that gave a third party data from site visitors. MP had sent round some stats, but other boadr members felt these were hard to understand. MP said he is not able install anything on as this is hosted by the Foundation. The conversion ratio between the donate website and actual donations is known and it's less than 10%. TD will contact Rand to get statistics for the foundation page. - ACTION: TD

SV agreed he would send the material he does for the Hub round the Board for approval this weekend.

SV had decided to cancel the meeting and had emailed the board. This will be rearranged.

AT confirmed he would put some material together for Kaizo and send round for approval.

Go-next-red.svg Carried forward - ACTION AT Yes check.svg Done

AT agreed, in conjunction with MP, to email the membership list to solicit help for on who else could help with advertising, software and sponsors.

X mark.svg Cancelled - to be discussed under initiatives later

SV had decided not to do the Hub learning lunch hence why the action was cancelled.

Zeyi joined the meeting

October 20[edit | edit source]

The minutes from 20 October were approved - the following matters were arising:

AT will look into where we could produce branded merchandise.

AT had planned to do this in January but now thought other membership related actions were more important so asked that the action be dropped.

MP to work with SV to do mini press releases, no more than one per month, advertising spikes in traffic per WP:POPULAR related to particular news events.

It was agreed to drop this action.

PW will develop a proposal for buying a computer for the Schools Project with, potentially, peripherals such as a projector, screen, printer etc.

AT agreed to email round a proposal instead - ACTION: AT Yes check.svg Done

JS to draft an email for the Open Knowledge Foundation mailing list, to recruit new members.

SV offered to help JS with this. ACTION JS, SV Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

MP to investigate moving our wiki at to subject to technical feasibility re Single User Logins and hosting, with as a potential alternative. Once this has been completed, MP to follow up with Wikimedia Ukraine regarding the "uk." website conflict.

MP agreed to chase - ACTION: MP

AT agreed to investigate getting paid legal advice on charitable status, using the Foundation's offer to fund

AT has now received the quote. It was agreed to wait until the charity commission reply before taking up the offer.

JS agreed to follow up with his contacts at the BBC Digital Revolution and click and get them in touch with the Workplace Learning Lunches.

Carried forward - ACTION: JS

MP agreed to investigate options for a Britain Loves Wikipedia domain name and recommend one to register.

It was agreed to register - ACTION: MP

MP agreed to arrange CRB checks for board members and Schools Project volunteers.

Carried forward - ACTION: MP

MP agreed to investigate moving our OTRS system to one hosted by ourselves to reduce the risk that confidential emails are inappropriately viewed by non-WMUK people or emails are sent in the name of the chapter without approval.

Carried forward - ACTION: MP

MP agreed to follow up with the foundation his request for detailed statistics on the proportion of UK internet users who use Wikipedia

Carried forward - ACTION: MP

AT to ask about Ian Hawkins filming the AGM on the email list and with OKFN and to ask Ian Hawkins if we could have a copyright-free copy of his filming.

Carried forward - ACTION: AT Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

MP to follow up with WildScreen

MP has discussed this with AT who will carry forward - ACTION: AT Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

AT and MP to negotiate the Chapter Fundraising Agreement with the Foundation

This has still not been signed and we are proceeding on the understanding that the agreement we proposed, or something similar, will be agreed.

MP, PW agreed to send out the October newsletter by 24 October.

It was agreed to change the format of the newsletter: it would continue monthly, but would be edited by just one person, with that person rotating. SV agreed to do one for December - ACTION: SV

AT agreed to write up a proposed Initiative to support the Celtic League project and to update the Celtic League.

It was agreed to discuss this later under initiatives.

JS agreed to follow up discussions with icommons on getting legal advice for our charity commission application.

It was agreed this is no longer necessary now that we have a quote for legal assistance.

Minutes of meetings on 30 October and 3 November are still outstanding. - ACTION: AT

Reports[edit | edit source]

Fundraiser[edit | edit source]

The Fundraiser report was noted. The amounts include cheques and bank transfers. We are on track to raise around £30,000 and attract around 20 members.

TH mentioned we could send an email round to donors prior to the AGM to generate more members.

TD asked about the press release - one went out on 10 November.

Treasurer[edit | edit source]

One member (36) was accepted previously at the in person meeting and noted here. Seven new members (37-43) were also approved - ACTION: TH to update registers

Four more applications have been received where money hasn't yet been received - it was agreed to wait until the cheques had been received.

It was noted that some members are due for renewal; however, their membership wouldn't lapse until six months after the renewal date,

Secretary[edit | edit source]

The Secretary's report was noted.

Chair[edit | edit source]

The Chair's report was noted.

A press release on free online news was discussed. SV raised concerns about wording - he agreed to edit on the wiki and then AT will email to media contacts. - ACTION: SV, AT X mark.svg Cancelled Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss

AT agreed to help out with OTRS - ACTION: AT Go-next-red.svg Carried forward

Initiatives[edit | edit source]

The Initiatives report was noted. MP agreed to put ZH in touch with some people who he were involved in mass uploads. ZH mentioned that Blackpool was talking about around 1,000 images.

ZH had also had some discussions with the BBC regarding their archives.

MP also mentioned a museums on the web conference in Denver. It was agreed that it wouldn't be able to send someone from Wikimedia UK.

MP mentioned there are many images on the culture grid all under Creative Commons (possibly Non-Commercial) which may be able to link into Wikimedia Commons.

Corporate[edit | edit source]

The Corporate relations report was noted. MP volunteered to follow up the photo donation opportunity - ACTION: MP

Volunteers[edit | edit source]

The Volunteers report was noted.

It was agreed that we would just have one person doing the newsletter but rotate people round. SV agreed to put together a December Newsletter - ACTION: SV

Initiatives[edit | edit source]

BioBlitz[edit | edit source]

SV suggested we park this for now and he would discuss this with MP to bring forward a proposal for consideration by the board.

Workplace learning lunches[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, AT and SV are doing the first on Thursday. Other people are interested in having these including BBC Bristol.

Schools project[edit | edit source]

MP mentioned that it is likely that we will not spend the full start up funds by June 2010.

SV mentioned he is in touch with Red Maids and we could also use Bioblitz to get candidate schools.

MP suggested expanding the project to include universities. It was agreed to discuss with PW at the next meeting.

Britain Loves Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

It was noted that the project is slightly behind schedule as we have not yet completed the list of participating museums or arranged advertising or sponsorship.

SV offered to help MP sign up museums.

MP mentioned that the MLA has offered to match fund our contribution. AT mentioned that he has obtained an indicative quote that said for £2,000 we could get advertising on 20 London taxicabs for a month. This gives the board an idea of what could be bought with the advertising budget of £500. MP suggested we spend the budget on things like posters, T shirts and refreshments.

2010-11 projects[edit | edit source]

AT suggest that we start thinking now how we spend the money we have already raised. It was agreed to make thsi topic the focus of the next meeting.

AOB[edit | edit source]

MP suggested we make increased use of the WMUK twitter account.

Next meeting[edit | edit source]

Tuesday 15th December, 8:30pm