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Below is the Wikimedia UK monthly report for the period 1 to 31 July 2012. If you want to keep up with the chapter's activities as they happen, please subscribe to our blog, join our mailing list, and/or follow us on Twitter. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line on this report's talk page.

Program activities



4 million articles in English

The English Wikipedia reached the 4 million milestone article with the creation of an article on Izbat Al Burj by User:Mono25. We publicised this milestone via a blog post.

Admin numbers
Kate Middleton's wedding dress

Education and Research

GLAM activities

A participant in the Edinburgh photography workshop.
See also the This Month in GLAM UK report for this month.
Edinburgh Photography Workshop 2012

Peter Weis organised the first-ever UK Wikimedia photography workshop in Edinburgh this month. He has blogged about it in German (see the English translation).


Advertising for our first developer position continued throughout this month.


Upcoming activities in August

For events in September and onwards, please see Events.

Administrative activities

Board activities

A two-day board meeting took place on the weekend of 30 June-1 July. The minutes of the meeting are at Minutes 30Jun12. Highlights included the induction of the new Board on the Saturday, successful proposals to start establishing GLAM and Education sub-committees, adopt the Conference Committee as a formal committee, approving various alterations to our 2012 Activity Plan to expand our office space and equipment, and the start of the process of setting out our Draft 2013 Activity Plan.

Five trustees attended Wikimania, with Fæ, Mike, Joscelyn and Doug attending on behalf of the chapter, and John attending via a Wikimedia UK scholarship to attend the conference (which was given to him prior to his appointment to the Board). The Trustees were involved in a large number of conversations at the conference, including the establishment of the Wikimedia Chapters Association (with Fæ being elected Chair of the WCA), discussions about the future Funds Dissemination Committee, future Wikimania Scholarships, and general networking with volunteers from a wide variety of countries, other chapters, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

News from the Chief Exec

For information on Jon's activities this month, see News from the Office.


Booklet called "How to make a Wikipedia Town" about Monmouthpedia project was printed and delivered to the Wikimania organisers. 1,000 copies were printed and delivered to the venue. They were placed in the delegate packs for Wikimania.

The Russian language Wikipedia was blacked out on 10 July in protest at a piece of legislation making its way through the Russian Duma. Stevie wrote a blog post, and arranged for a Russian Wikipedian to appear on a news bulletin on BBC World News. (Video not available as show not broadcast in the UK). UK media coverage of this event includes:

Some international coverage:

Miscellaneous coverage:

On 31 July The Daily Telegraph ran a report (online only) about Fae being banned from editing the English language Wikipedia, which was also reported in the Irish Independent, Gizmodo UK and Civil Society. More details of this will follow in the August 2012 report.

Stevie had a successful meeting with Digital Disruption and Demos to discuss opportunities for working together in areas of shared interest. A wider meeting with potential partners has been arranged for 10 September. You can see the notes for the meeting here

Fundraising and Budgeting

Fundraiser position

Our new Fundraiser, Katherine Bavage, started work this month. She was welcomed with a blog post, and her appointment was mentioned in an article in the Third Sector this week.


This month, we received £1,209.77 in one-off donations, with 51 individual donations. The average donation amount was £23.72. If anyone would like a full (but anonymised) csv file with more information, please get in touch with and let her know your requirements.

As for direct debit donations, there were 5,562 successful direct debits this month, bringing in a total of £21,961.


Work on our audit continues, and is nearing a conclusion - hopefully this will be out by 1 September. The process of fully archiving or destroying (as necessary) paperwork from the 2011/12 fundraiser - to make room for the paperwork generated for the coming fundraiser - is underway. We also officially changed our name to 'Wikimedia UK', from 'Wiki UK Ltd', as decided by the members at our AGM. Finally, the office has expanded from six to eight desks.