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Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Time Session

Registration & coffee

10.30 Welcome and opening remarks (Phoebe Harkins and Tom Ziessen, Wellcome Trust)
10.45 Keynote: Dame Wendy Hall, University of Southampton

11.30 Daniel Mietchen, National Institutes of Health. Wikimedia and Scholarly Communication

12.00 Alex Bateman, European Molecular Biology Laboratory/ European Bioinformatics Institute. Using Wikipedia to annotate Scientific Databases


13.15 Short talks:
14.00 Jenny Molloy, University of Cambridge/ ContentMine. Challenges and opportunities for Wikipedia and Wikidata in synthetic biology
14.30 Geoffrey Bilder, CrossRef. Usage of Digital Object Identifiers across Wikimedia projects

Refreshments/ networking and sign-ups for unconference

15.30 Daniel Mietchen, National Institutes of Health. Wikidata for Research
16.00 Stefan Kasberger, GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences and Open Knowledge Foundation Austria, ContentMine/ OpenscienceASAP. Wikipedia in an Open Science workflow
16.30 Andy Mabbett, Wikimedian In Residence at the Royal Society of Chemistry; and at ORCID. Wikipedia, Wikidata and more - How Can Scientists Help?

End of first day's programme


Drinks reception sponsored by Royal Society of Chemistry

Thursday 3rd September 2015

Time Session

Coffee, networking and signing up for unconference sessions

10.00 Announcements about unconference, hackathon(s) and future events
10.15 Keynote: Peter Murray Rust, University of Cambridge.
11.00 Darren Logan, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Using Scientific Databases to annotate Wikipedia
11.30 Melissa Highton, University of Edinburgh. Changing the Ways the Stories are Told
12.00 Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus. Developing an Ethical Approach to Using Wikipedia as the Front Matter to all Research


13.15 Unconference block

An unconference method was used to put the unconference programme (below) in the hands of the delegates.

Refreshments served at 14.30 but unconference continued.

15.00 Dario Taraborelli, Wikimedia Foundation and Citing as a public service
15.30 Cancer Research UK’s Wikipedian in Residence project – reflections and outcomes
  • Henry Scowcroft, Cancer Research UK.
  • Henry Potts, University College London.
  • John Byrne, Wikipedian In Residence at Cancer Research UK.
16:15 Wrap-up and thanks from Martin Poulter, Wikimedian In Residence at the Bodleian Libraries

Conference ended

17.00 Post-conference drinks in a nearby pub


This is the running order as decided by participants, on the day.



Dale Franks Steel
1:20-1:50 BMJ peer review Your first Wikipedia edit MediaWiki Encyclopedism 'Publish-or-die' vs Wikipedia
1:55-2:25 harmonise licensing +
Your first Wikidata edit ContentMine Wikimedians in Residence Wiki Loves Scientists
2:30-3:00 UN Sustainable Development Goals Wikimedia editing Q+A
For all abilities
come along if you need help
Wikidata tools Review the lit (we use this okfn pad) Wiki Loves Scientists


  • British Medical Journal have offered to provide their best reviewers to peer-review Wikipedia's best medical articles. I'm driving this, and don't want to stuff it up. I need your thoughts and input. (Talking points)
  • What can we do to harmonise licensing between Wikimedia properties (CC BY-SA) and Open Access Repositories (CC BY) *Not* an argument about licensing but a discussion about practical steps.
  • ContentMine tools, hands-on demonstration of getpapers & quickscrape.
  • Encyclopedism and the Unity of Science
  • Wiki Loves Scientists, Create a new biography for a Royal Society scientist via List of Fellows of the Royal Society elected in 2012
  • How to review the lit for a WP entry (we meet on this okfn pad)
  • When Wikipedia is not the right tool, but MediaWiki is. Explore some issues around using wikis when information/data is either by necessity not open, or not notable
  • How can the Wikimedia movement contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (+ Wikipedia page?)