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I was a volunteer member of the "Welsh Steering Group" (the 'WMUK Rep' with some sort of delegated responsibility), which relates to the Living Paths project, as of the 13 July WMUK 2013 board meeting. This page recorded my involvement and the available documentation for the project. The project effectively came to an end in 2014.

Key individuals[edit | edit source]

Websites[edit | edit source]

Steering group definition[edit | edit source]

  • Secondment agreement
    • "The parties shall establish a group comprising representatives from both parties and the Welsh Government should they wish for the purposes of overseeing the delivery of the Services by the Secondee"
    • "To deliver the ‘Living Paths’ project services described in the Grant Funding Agreement from the Welsh Government and WikiCymru, dated 8th April 2013, to fulfil the obligations of the Employer and the Host in relation to the said Grant Funding Agreement and to carry out such activities in relation to the Living Paths project as the Employer and Host may specify through a joint steering committee established for that purpose or otherwise as may be agreed between the parties from time to time including appropriate support for WMUK activities in Wales."
    • "Subject to any directions given by the said Joint Steering Group, the Host shall have day-to-day control of the Secondee's activities but as soon as reasonably practicable shall refer any Management Issues concerning the Secondee that come to its attention to the Employer."
    • "The Employer shall consult with the Joint Steering Group before approving any holiday request made by the Secondee and notify the Host of any dates on which the Secondee shall take holiday."

Management and responsibilities[edit | edit source]

Management[edit | edit source]

  • Line management of Robin
    • Done by Jon with Robin via regular 1:1's and day-to-day communications.
    • Fortnightly phone call discussions.
  • Financial management
    • Handled via the office, specifically Richard Symonds.
  • Liaison with WiciCymru
    • The day-to-day liaison will be via Robin as our seconded member of staff.

Reporting to Wikimedia UK[edit | edit source]

  • Robin reports regularly to Jon Davies
    • This through 1:1's additions to the quarterly monitoring plans, staff meetings etc.
  • Monthly Reports in Welsh and English translation which are presented to Wici Cymru every month.
  • Robin produces a formal quarterly report for the WMUK Board
  • A two pager highlighting the quarter's work and achievements.

Steering group[edit | edit source]

  • Robin reports at the quarterly steering group
    • WiciCymru represented by: EW and/or other officer
    • WMUK represented by Mike Peel

WMUK's representative's role.

  • To be WMUK's regular contact with WiciCymru
  • To explain WMUK's ethos to the Welsh community and develop Wikimedia's work in Wales.
  • To ensure the Pathways project fits in with WMUK's expectations (as defined by Llwybrau Byw - Living Paths Project Recruitment)
  • To find consensus if possible if there are any issues of dispute
  • To report back to Jon Davies and the Board of WMUK
  • To offer encouragement and help where needed.

Activity[edit | edit source]

  • Robin has a Skype call or in-person meeting with JD on a monthly basis; however the steering group is not involved in those meetings, and there is no public documentation of them.
Date Description Documentation
11 May 2013 WMUK board meeting Report (PDF version), meeting minutes
13 June 2013 Recruitment started Advert
19 June 2013 Letter of Intent Letter of intent
19 June 2013 Wici Cymru meeting (MP attended) Confidential report sent to JD and WMUK board; also follow-up with AffCom
3 July 2013 Employment contract Employment contract (draft version?), Secondment agreement
3 July 2013 Funding agreement Welsh Government funding agreement
13 July 2013 WMUK board meeting Board minutes
13 September 2013 WMUK board meeting Living Paths report, September 2013 (public version - a confidential version is on WMUK's office wiki)
31 October 2013 Quarterly report to WMUK board meeting due (Or possibly 2013-11-27 for the 7 December WMUK board meeting?) Confidential report at 7 Dec board meeting.
12 November 2013 Joint steering group meeting, Crewe User:Mike Peel/Living Paths/12Nov13 Report
5 March 2014 Joint steering group meeting (Manchester) User:Mike Peel/Living Paths/05Mar14 Report
14 April 2014 Joint steering group meeting (Chester), date TBC User:Mike Peel/Living Paths/14Apr14 Report
31 May 2014 Quarterly report to WMUK board meeting due (Or possibly 2014-05-14 for the 24 May WMUK board meeting?)
17 July 2014 Joint steering group meeting (London?) - wrap-up of project?