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Comment This is a sub-page where I keep track of links and other minor things I need handy to do my Education-related work more efficiently.

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Education projects




Training brochures

Online Training (for Education)

Student societies

WMUK-supported Student Societies

> Imperial College Wikipedia Society Freshers' Fair 2012
> Writing for Wikipedia at Imperial College
> Cambridge University society microgrant 1 + 2

Education-related projects from WMUK

Training the Trainers


  • Project led by Charles Matthews
  • Evaluation by Julia Duggleby + John Andersson (see emails from Charles)
  • Feedback received from: Oren Bochman

Wikimedians in Residence

OER 13

Education projects from other WM Chapters/Languages

* CH: Wiki Loves Universities
* ar.w: Arabic Wikipedia grows thanks to Wikipedia Education Program students

Other relevant Education projects and related tools

> WikiMaster - skills development and certification framework
> The Wikipedia Adventure - external website


The Wikipedia Library

Wikimedia Planet


Education Committee

Conference Committee

WMF: Wikipedia Education Program

Wikipedia Education Program Case Studies (WMUK version).pdf
Instructor Basics How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool.pdf

Former employees:


Monthly Education Reports for WMUK Board


April board (minutes) - report

Getting the word out


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